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Connecting Japanese people

JMC publishes Japanese information magazines as introduced below, for Japanese travelers and immigrants in New Zealand.

"COMPASS" - Guidebook with Maps of Auckland & Rotorua

Guidebook with Maps of Auckland & RotoruaWe publish COMPASS, a Japanese yearly walking guide booklet containing maps and latest information about Auckland and Rotorua. It will show the reader where to go shopping, dining, and introduce interesting spots around the city.

Additionally, places around the suburbs the locals recommend, and other handy information will be covered in this comprehensive first-ever in Japanese booklet map.

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"Let's Study in New Zealand" - Studay Abroad Magazine

Studay Abroad MagazineWe publish Let's Study in New Zealand, a Japanese yearly Studay Abroad Magazine supplying readers with information about New Zealand, in particular studying, our magazine contains useful information of a wide range of schools and agencies in New Zealand, with interviews of students and latest data of schools.